AMMO is a rock and roll photographer, multi-instrumental musician, and songwriter who spent her youth ditching school in lieu of delving through bins at record stores and scouring the LA music and art scene in hopes of running into like-minds. Her music has been said to “shackle the living or free the dead…” (Grimy Goods) by creating mystical magnetic soundscapes – “the kind of music that should soundtrack a sand-dune-to-shoreline road movie by David Lynch” (LA Record).

Her storied history in shooting fashion editorials and directing short films and music videos have given her the tools to achieve a deeper connection with her listeners. These artistic mediums empower her exploration of illusive and melancholic topics which offer listeners an emotional and visceral experience by creating a dialogue between the imagined and physical.

Enveloped in a number of music, photography and film projects she has produced a feature film while taking on the role of director of photography, she also co-founded PLAG Presents, a platform for womxn musicians and the LGBTQ community voices to be heard. Additionally, leading dreampop, shoegaze band Brass Box where Post-Punk.com describes them as “a surreal reverie that has the sonic texture of crushed velvet imbued with the lingering scent of burnt incense and clove cigarettes circa October of 1993.” Past projects include Black Flamingo, Darklands and Tête.

Her debut 2020 single ‘Total Recall’ as part of The Sound charity tribute compilation on Dune Altar is being followed up by Rose + Crown, an original work co-produced and recorded with drummer, Alex Posell of Black Flamingo. Rose + Crown was brought to life amidst the isolation and swift emerging darkness wrought upon the world by the pandemic. The song echoes themes of catharsis and freedom from self-imposed shackles, physical or psychological.